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Silvia Labuschagne

"On 8th August it will be 3 years since I last touched a cigarette. It is absolutely the best thing I ever did! If it wasn't for you I would never have given up. I used to love my ciggies and had tried before to quit but the cravings always got the better of me. After having the treatment done I never once got a physical craving again! I used to feel the emotional side of it e.g association - my first cup of coffee outside on the step usually meant a ciggie too. All I had to do was sit somewhere else and that was the end of that. I cannot tell you how much better I feel. I have way more energy, I feel confident speaking to people without worrying about my breath and at then end of the month I have at least R1000 extra in my account! All in all, as I said "THE BEST THING I EVER EVER DID!!!"

My mom also did the treatment a month after I did and in all my life I would never have imagined her to stop smoking and she has not picked up a cigarette since!  I am so so proud of her.

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