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At the STOP SMOKING CLINIC we use a special medical device to ‘ensure’ one of the easiest, safest methods to stop smoking. It is a tried, tested and proven method used for many medical conditions with a specific technique developed to ‘HELP YOU STOP SMOKING’.
Many stop smoking products have come and gone, but most of them have made little impact on this complex addiction…


OUR METHOD ’BLOCKS’ THE PHYSICAL NEED FOR NICOTINE – it ‘blocks’ your cravings and suppresses withdrawal symptoms!! The treatment is effective immediately; 100% natural; causes the cravings to ‘disappear’ and has a very relaxing and calming effect on your mind and body, with no side-effects.
The ELECTRO-PULSE treatment will ‘elevate’ endorphins (happy hormones) in your body to a ‘higher’ level that will ‘eliminate’ your cravings and takes away stress and withdrawal symptoms.


It involves stimulation of specific nerve points on the outer ear (external) by applying a very light electrical current to ‘BOOST’ the BODY’S NATURAL occurring ‘ENDORPHINS’ (HAPPY HORMONES) to a HIGHER LEVEL, ‘tricking’ your body into’ thinking’ it just had a cigarette…. This LONG-LASTING production of ENDORPHINS in the body, ‘BLOCKS’ NICOTINE CRAVINGS!!
During this time, your body’s time clock (HYPOTHALAMUS GLAND) will return TO NORMAL.
This is the assurance that you are on your way to recovery!!!
Clients generally experience a ‘sooth’ feeling of wellbeing after a treatment session…


Our method is based upon the pioneering work of world renowned scientists and neurologists. Over the years, through experience, trial and error we have further developed it to the successful method it is today.

It’s a method in which specific nerve endings on the body are ‘stimulated’ to treat numerous conditions with emphasis on NICOTINE addiction. This therapy an advanced, proven European treatment system that is now used by many MD’s and specialists around the world. It has been well researched and documented in Europe and elsewhere (USA), and is published in many medical journals.


Endorphins are the ‘NATURAL CHEMICALS’ in your BODY associated with the spontaneous relief of your cravings and stress!!

Discover a method that ‘effectively’ BLOCKS your CRAVINGS and ‘WITHDRAWALS’

Hypothalamus gland – Located just above the brain stem and responsible for releasing endorphins in your body

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