Opportunity for pharmacies…

Run your very own Stop Smoking Clinic!
The Stop Smoking Clinic is a newly designed concept that is now available exclusively to pharmacy owners to start their very own clinic. The SSC has developed a treatment for smokers that stops the craving and break the body’s dependency on nicotine.

The therapy naturally elevates endorphin levels in the body that combats withdrawal and directly treats nicotine addiction.

This advanced and unique smoke stop service is currently in the process of expanding to other selected pharmacies across the country.

The SSC concept is a specially tailored income opportunity for pharmacies and makes use of existing facilities on your premises. Another plus is that it requires minimal outlay to get started.

Our method has been employed and tested in several reputable pharmacies and have proven very successful in helping smokers stay stopped.

Benefits of running a concept like this are manifold.

  • Great income opportunity
  • Great investment returns
  • Low-low input costs
  • Use existing facilities / infrastructure
  • Quick and Easy start-up

We are planning to open clinics in each province throughout South Africa.

This is a great opportunity for pharmacists looking to boost their income.

Kindly refer your pharmacist to our website for more information and contact details.

Your pharmacy could be next to offer this life changing service!