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Frequently Asked Questions

STIMULATION of specific nerve points in the ears, by applying a non-invasive, painless electro-pulse current. Stimulation of these points BOOSTS the body’s own natural occurring endorphins to a higher level. This immediate, long-lasting production of the body’s ‘feel-good’ chemical (endorphins), eliminates cravings and withdrawal from nicotine.

Your initial booking will consist of two sessions booked over the course of 2 days. If necessary we provide and support our clients with additional follow up sessions.

A qualified sister or therapist uses a precise method during a 40 – 45 minute procedure. Your initial booking will consist of two sessions of about 45 minutes. The first session including consultation, filling out a form etc. can take up to 1 hour. Follow up sessions usually take about 40 – 45 minutes.

No, stimulation by electro-pulse is a small, soft current that is placed on specific reflex points. The client will feel a pricking, tingling sensation – similar to ‘pins and needles’ sensation like, when your foot falls ‘asleep’.

None, there is NO negative health effect this therapy has on your body! It’s a ‘spontaneous’ encouragement so your body produces natural occurring ‘feel-good’ hormones (endorphins) and it also effectively relieves stress. Clients typically may become drowsy or tired during a session and feel calm and relaxed afterwards.

We pride ourselves on a very high success rate. Our multi-step approach enables us to achieve among the highest on-going success rates compared to other stop smoking programmes. In general, up to 75% of the smokers following our standard 2x session programme will put out the cigarette for good!

We can guarantee the chemical process. The method we use will remove the physical craving for a cigarette after completing the programme, BUT it remains up to you not to light a cigarette.

The electro-pulse treatment increases endorphin levels in the body. The sharp rise of endorphins causes a significant reduction in one’s craving for nicotine. Cravings gradually diminish after the first session and will be gone after completing the programme.

Yes, Auricular Therapy is very effective. Although a new concept to the western world, word of its effectiveness is spreading fast. Compared to other methods available today, the results achieved from Auricular Therapy are far superior.

It is important to understand that nicotine addiction is both an ADDICTION AND a habit, and not only one or the other. Therefore both the physical (addiction) and psychological (mind) needs to be dealt with. Our Therapy takes away the craving that’s associated with stopping. The only requirement for it to work effectively is that you are self-motivated, you must have the desire to stop.

After many years of treating smokers successfully, our clients as well as ourselves can attest to the effectiveness of Auricular Therapy (see testimonies).

Many have tried the gums, patches, pills and other aids. Some have succeeded, most have failed! We believe in order to combat nicotine addiction successfully, a specialized multi-step approach is necessary.

Our technology involves a specialized electro-pulse neurostimulator which triggers the release of the body’s own neurotransmitters (endorphins) to relief you from withdrawal pains and overcome the addiction.

We also teach clients to deal with the psychological aspects effectively to ensure an ‘addiction free’ lifestyle.

There is no reason to pick up weight after stopping.

The people that do gain weight, do not follow a proper lifestyle diet (eating plan).

Smoking dulls your taste buds. Soon after quitting your sense of taste and smell improves which makes food taste better and causes you to overeat.

Part of our program is to provide guidelines and inform our clients on certain lifestyle lessons that will help them to keep off extra weight. All information will be given when you join our program.

Once you give up smoking, you take control of your life, not only the ‘giving up part’, BUT all other parts as well!!

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