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Cigarettes – It’s not a nutritional supplement

CIGARETTES – and that’s ALL OF THEM, contain over 4000 chemicals including 60 THAH INCREASE YOUR RISK OF CANCER!!
The most damaging products in cigarettes are NICOTINE; the DRIG that CAUSES ADDICTION; TAR; a carcinogen (causes cancer) and CARBON MONIXIDE; which reduces oxygen in your body.




These are the main players


A substance found ‘NATURALLY’ in the TOBACCO PLANT. It is a POISON released by the TOBACCO PLANT to ‘protect’ it from being eaten by insects (pesticide, insecticide etc.)
Nicotine is a ‘super toxin’ that is more lethal than rattlesnake venom and 3 times deadlier than arsenic!!

One of the MOST DAMAGING products in cigarettes. It coats the lungs like soot in a chimney. It is made up of many chemicals, including gases and substances that cause cancer. Even low-tar cigarettes may cause the smoker to inhale more and keep the smoke in for longer, dragging the tar deeper into their lungs.

Is a poisonous, colourless and odourless gas also found in car exhaust fumes. Carbon monoxide robs the body of oxygen, forcing the whole body (especially the heart) to work harder. Carbon monoxide leads to tiredness and muscle fatigue.


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