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Do you want to be a smoker or a non-smoker?

Pick ONE…. and BE IT…. Be honest with yourself – “Do I want to be a smoker or a non-smoker?”
It is important that that you decide for YOURSELF to stop and that you are not forced by your relatives or friends to take our treatment.
If you are one of us that seriously want to stop, then our microcurrent ELECTROTHERAPY will provide you with the solution.



WITHOUT’ our treatment you will experience

Withdrawal symptoms like: • irritability • impatience • insomnia (difficulty sleeping) • anxiety • headaches • dizziness • depressed mood • restlessness • increased appetite • constipation • nervousness • frustration • lack of concentration • stomach aches

BUT ‘WITH’ our

ELECTRO-PULSE THERAPY the withdrawal symptoms mentioned here will be GREATLY reduced OR eliminated by STIMULATING the ‘PRODUCTION’ of ENDORPHINS

These are the people ready to STOP

• You DO want to be a non-smoker
• Tried several times without success, but ready to try again
• Told by your doctor to stop
• Do not enjoy smoking anymore
• Feel the ill health effects caused by smoking


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