Over 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced globally per year currently

There are approximately 7 million smokers in South Africa – All Media and Products Survey (AMPS 2011)

Over 44,000 fatalities in South Africa each year due to tobacco-related illnesses

Nearly 6 million people across the globe are killed by tobacco each year

Living with a smoker increases a non-smoker’s chance of developing lung cancer by up to 30%

More 600 000 NON-smokers die each year due to exposure from second-hand smoke

37% of all chronic obstructive pulmonary disease deaths are due to smoking

Every 6 seconds someone dies from a tobacco related disease

90% of lung cancers are due to smoking

Smokers develop heart attacks 10 years earlier on average than non-smokers

Up to 80% of bypass patients are due to smoking and could have been prevented

75% of all chronic lung diseases are due to smoking cigarettes

One cigarette shortens life expectancy by 7 minutes!!