Tobacco ‘Land’s – HISTORY
Let’s go back in time…

Tobacco was first used by the native American Indians between the 16th and 17th centuries. They apparently cultivated the tobacco plant and smoked it in pipes for ’medicinal’ and ‘ceremonial’ purposes. On the Christopher Columbus journey to the Americas in 1492 he received ‘dried leaves’ (tobacco) as gifts from the native Indians. Over the next century tobacco was introduced to France and spread quickly to greater Europe, but it wasn’t until the mid 16th century when it was popularized by adventurers like Jean Nicot from France (after whom the active ingredient, nicotine was named). The first known commercial crop was grown in 1612 in Virginia, by Englishman John Rolfe. Within 7 years, it was the settlement’s largest export. The first cigarette making machine was invented in the 1880’s thanks to the introduction of the “White Burley” tobacco leaf and gave rise to the ‘BIG’ surge in cigarette sales.

Around 300 years ago, people began to identify with the fact that smoking was an addiction!! The negative health risks were initially not found, in fact as crazy as it may sound most physicians shared the belief that smoking can be beneficial to one’s health. Soon doctors would proclaim the smoking of tobacco as a ‘wonder drug’ and cure for many illnesses. Unfortunately, these doctors had the wrong understanding with no prior knowledge of the ill health effects caused by smoking it. Fast forward to the present day and it’s a different story altogether, much has changed since Columbus first set sail across the Atlantic…

Tobacco ‘BANK’ and the ‘BIG SIX’

This is a story set in ‘TOBACCO LAND’ which is ruled by six greedy giants who aims to enslave you. This is not a ’fairy’ tale, this is a true story of the SIX TOBACCO GIANTS who reigns from TOBACCO LAND. They don’t always tell the whole truth and are on a hidden pursuit for your wallet. These giants or “BIG SIX” are known as British American Tobacco, Philip Morris, Reynolds American, Liggett, The Rembrandt Group and Imperial Tobacco. They are a bunch of very greedy giants who have their sights set on only one thing, YOUR MONEY.At your expense and your health, someone ‘out’ there is getting very rich! Between them they have enslaved a 1/6 of the world’s population. Today they have over 1.1 billion subjects worldwide who have all fallen victim to their trap and smoke their evil weed.

Christopher Columbus

Jean Nicot